Using GIFs as a Self Portrait

GIFs are becoming more and more popular within todays social media world. With them now being easily accessible on Facebook, Twitter and various other social media platforms. I have decided to join in the craze and start creating my own and I will document my finds and tests over the next three blog posts.

Firstly, I have looked into what GIFs interest me the most, and what portrays me as a media practitioner and as a person.

I have recently watched a fantastic documentary called Riding Giants (2004, Peralta) and he uses an incredibly fascinating way to display photographs. He uses a standard 2D image and uses After Effects to mask key elements of the photo to make it 3D. Here’s a little example below,

This is a skill I have wanted to be able to achieve since I first watched the film when I was 13! Because of this, I have decided to crack this technique by using it as a personal GIF, as I can then use it for my future video work.


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