GIF Tests

After a week of trying different GIFs I have taken 2 GIFs the distance. Having previously mentioned my admiration for Stacy Peralta’s use of the 3D imaging in the film Riding Giants (2004) I have managed to replicate this in my own way with one of my own images.


To do this, I opened the image in Photoshop and masked myself out of the image and replaced it with a content aware fill. I then took the edited image over to After Effects where I turned all of the layers into 3D, and then by adding a camera and using keyframes, you are able to create an incredibly interesting GIF.


My second test was to create one for my band, Kenoby. Then to possibly use the technique for my own work in the future.


To do this, I used one of the bands pictures and masked myself and Ken out of the image to separate layers. Then, using the Photoshop timeline, I added text behind each layer to create an insight into the bands name.


My final test was to base it around myself, using different fields of interests that I have. I also wanted to take the opportunity to learn how to use Animate CC.


To do this, I created keyframes so a shape would swipe across the pictures and then changing the image every time the shape was fully covering the picture.


My next blog post will show my final choice to be my GIF to represent myself.


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